All That I Can Knit

Saturday, December 30, 2006

The Central Park Hoodie

Here are the pictures of the yarn that I promised two weeks ago.I am really loving this yarn and the service from The Irish Ewe was fantastic. I ordered my yarn on Tuesday morning and recieved it on Friday.Which was really fast when you consider they are in Maine and I am in Alabama.The yarn is a beautiful color called Bottle Green.In the picture of the sweater I have just completed the first skein and am ready to start the second.I ordered six skeins. The Socks that Rock skein is to show the size of the Irish Ewe yarn.Those skeins really are large.They have about 350 yards per skein.And yes, I did get almost the entire back from just one skein.I only have a few more inches to go on the back.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

All That I Can Knit

I got my yarn.I hand rolled one skein into a ball.It really is pretty and I will post a picture this weekend.I ordered the yarn from The Irish Ewe.It is an Irish aran yarn in bottle green.It came three days after I ordered it.Great service there.I have a new computer and haven't even gotten my camera program loaded on here yet.I just got back from a Christmas program.Two of my grandchildren were in.My granddaughter was a fairy and my grandson played a Christmas tree.They were both so cute and I forgot the camera.What kind of grandmother am I??? Apparently,the kind that forgets the camera.Oh well,after working all day and trying to remember to take my cell phone and pager what more could I remember.I am on call tonight for work.I did get a call while I was at the program,but the cell phone didn't work out in the holler where I In north Alabama where I live we have hills and hollers.I was in a holler.Cell phones don't work there and apparently,they called my team leader when they couldn't get me.I would have done just as well to have remembered the camera and left the phone and pager at home.I work for a home health agency and quit the prison a few months ago.I am really loving home health.It really is a big change from anything else I have ever done.The patients are much nicer,too,and I don't have to watch my back.Well,not as much.Some of the places I go can get a little strange at times.Time to get off of here.Hubby is on his way home.Have to find something to feed him.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

All That I Can Knit

All That I Can Knit
I have yarn ordered for the Central Park Hoodie and will be starting that as soon as the yarn arrives.I am starting the gussett on the second sock of a pair.The yarn is from Brooklyn Handspun.I really like the yarn.It is pooling,though.Will try to post a picture later.I ordered my yarn for the hoodie from Irish Ewe.I ordered it yesterday morning and they emailed me that it was in the mail yesterday afternoon.Pretty quick service.I haven't used the yarn before,but have read good things about it and think it will work well for the hoodie.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Is there a class for that?

Last night I was working on my mystery sock and had to tink a row.Somehow I dropped a stitch and didn't notice it right away.By the time I did notice it there was a huge hole in my pretty sock and I couldn't fix it.I tried to pull back to where I originally dropped the stitch,but couldn't get the stitches back on the needle and ended up frogging the hole sock.I was so irritated with that sock that I started a plain one.I'll post a picture later.I have too much going on right now in my house to attempt anything complicated.My daughter and her two little ones are staying with us until they can find a place and there is never a quiet moment to concentrate.That is my story and I am sticking with it.Want to see a picture of my distraction? This is her first time in the walker and she loved it.She is only four months old and had to be propped with a blanket to keep her upright in it.She can't make it go,but she sure enjoyed the toys on it.I guess they looked good enough to eat.Isn't she a cutie? She really is a sweet baby.Her brother is 3 years old and never still or quiet for a moment,typical little boy.

Friday, October 06, 2006

This is the mystery sock that I am working on.I have just started the second repeat.They seem to be pretty small.They may end up as a gift for one of my daughters.I am using the new knitpicks needles and doing magic loop.I like magic loop a lot,but also use 2 circs at times and double points.Not sure which method is my favorite.I like all of them.I have only made a few pairs of socks so far,but really enjoy making them.I am anxious to see how these pictures from my new camera look on my blog.The program that came with the camera made it so easy to upload pictures that I didn't need anyone else to show my how to do it.Good thing,as getting one of them to teach mama how to do something takes an act of congress.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Starting Over

I finally bought a decent camera.It is charging at the moment.I hope to learn to use it and finally learn to upload a picture to this blog.I have decided that I am a terrible blogger.I love to read other blogs and spend too much time doing that and not enough on my own blog.I am working full time now in home health and also have a part time job at the moment at our county jail.I really enjoy that,but they don't have any full time job openings and can't make enough working there to support all my bad habits.Yarn can get expensive,can't it? I also babysit two of my grandchildren when I get home from work.It really doesn't leave much time to knit. I am working on a pair of mystery socks at the moment.It isn't much of a mystery anymore since some of the other girls on the list have gotten pretty far along on their socks.I have just managed to do the first repeat.It is a harder pattern than I am used to and I am really enjoying it.I am knitting it with Knitpicks Essentials in a burgundy.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Getting excited

I have already learned that I am a terrible blogger.One post and that is it for two weeks.I started this for the olympics,though,and that starts tomorrow.Yeah!! I have decided to do Jaywalkers.Everyone else seems to have already done those and it will be something of a stretch for me since I am new to sock knitting.I learned to knit when I was young,but have done very little with it over the years.I have made one pair of socks and am on the second sock of second pair.I was hoping to have those done before starting the Olympics,but that doesn't seem to be happening.
Anyway,I will post a picture of my yarn and needles later today.My daughter is helping with that.I am really excited about being a part of the Sock Olympics.I have always enjoyed watching the winter Olympics and can't sit and watch without working on something else.So why not!?? I am a little nervous about the Jaywalkers.I have heard both good and bad about them.Guess I will learn for myself as I go along.
I am off work today.I do have to work tomorrow and then will be off Saturday.I also need to learn how to put links in my blog so I can link to various pages,like the Jaywalker page.This leads back to the question,Can you teach an old dog new tricks? I am a long time puter user and love mine,but really haven't learned how to post pictures or links.Sad,huh? Well,better run.Pics later.